Kelsi Rose – 1st Prize Winner

Poet Kelsi Rose

“In Shock that I Won”

Kelsi Rose

Kelsi Rose has always lived in Pennsylvania, where her words kicked up the dust of the country backroads and always smelled of pressed wildflowers. She has published two collections of poetry: “Sparrow” (2016) and “Paperback Wings and Patchwork Eyes” (2018) as well two chapbooks: “The Drowning Girl” (2018) and “your mother’s white-washed words” (2018). She is currently pursuing Bachelors degrees in English Literature and Psychology while she works on her next collection.

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With her poem “Sunday Sacrament” Kelsi won the First Prize in the First International WeArtFriends Poetry Tournament in 2018.

Sunday Sacrament

the frill of white socks, patent leather
mary janes—mother says, do not scuff these;
do not drag your feet. Legs swinging from the church pew,
old crow voices crooning hymnal alleluia.
mother says, sit still. Your fat cherub hands crumple
the edges of your pressed skirt until your mother
irons the sharp angles in her smile.

You can read the winning poem as well as another 19 of Kelsi’s poems on Amazon.


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