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“Like a snake charmer getting a snake to rise out of the hole, music allows my words to rise out of my soul”

An interview with US poet and creative artist @FrankieWritez


By @GalyaVarna

GV: We met with @FrankieWritez on Twitter and I had the privilege of reading and reviewing her first poetry book “Poetry is my Therapy”. Tell us a little about yourself, Frankie.

FW: First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out for this interview. I’m honored. My name is @FrankieWritez and I’m from Kansas City, MO, born and raised with 3 older brothers and no sisters. As you can imagine, it was hard growing up around all boys without a single girl to talk to. That’s when I started talking to Poetry.

“There’s so much I’d like to express to my friends, but honestly I don’t think they’d truly understand.”

GV: You have been blogging for quite a few years – could you, please, tell our readers some lessons you have learnt about blogging?

FW: One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned with blogging, is if you’re going to write about anything, make it interesting!!! Also make sure it is consistent. Lastly, write for your audience, not for you! What do your readers want to know about your niche that only you can teach them?

GV: Readers and other writers alike are usually interested in the creative process itself. What makes you sit down and write, Frankie?

FW: Well, for me, my writing is accompanied with music. When I get ready to write, I will play music in the background and listen to my heart for the words. Because it’s hard to express myself verbally, I’ve buried my feelings in a deep sinkhole. Like a snake charmer getting a snake to rise out of the hole, music allows my words to rise out of my soul.

“Family can be the ones to hurt you the worst, simply because they know you the best.”

GV: That was a powerful image! How was your first poetry book “Poetry is my Therapy” born? How did you publish it?

FW: “Poetry is My Therapy” was born from pain I was tired of keeping to myself. Over the years I’ve come to realize that sometimes our pain can be someone else’s salvation. I chose to lay out MOST of the demons on the table in order to help someone else face theirs. If I can help one person, I’ve done my job. I decided to publish and release it on my birthday, February 3rd, as a gift from me to the world. From here on out, I plan on releasing every book I publish on my birthdate.

“The wounds your weapons caused need to be healed”

GV: Along with writing you also draw and sketch. Do these two creative activities complement each other and in what manner?

FW: Absolutely! I believe that every artist is multi-talented. We use many gifts to express our truth. My artwork is a direct reflection of my poetry. Sometimes when I write a poem, I will create the artwork to accompany it. And other times, I’ll draw a sketch and compose a poem to go along with the art. I love art!!!

GV: In your blog you offer some tips for other online businesses related with digital marketing. How have you been selling your own book and what lessons have you learned in the process?

FW: The best way I’ve learned to sell my product are by word of mouth. If you don’t already have a brand or online presence established, it makes it a little difficult to reach your target audience. My biggest lesson I’ve learned in this process, is not to “sell” to anyone. No one likes to be sold to. Instead, find out who would want to buy your product, and just talk to them! Who buys books? People who use Amazon Kindle, people who still go the library, and people who go to bookstores, etc. In order to sell, you have to go where your buyers are.

GV: Are you working on a new writing or other creative project at the moment?

FW: Definitely! I’m working on my second book, “Poetry Fulfilled” to be released in 2018. And I’m also working on an art portfolio for graphic design, since that’s one of my majors in school. Once again, I thank you for taking the time out. This was fun!!!

GV: I thank you, Frankie! In my review of Frankie’s poetry book I shared that I find very powerful the image of the red, heart-shaped balloon, left behind, after a Valentine Day celebration, especially in the context of the entire poetry book as it shows both the frailty and the strength of the lyrical persona:

“no matter how much it’s dented,

how much it’s weighed down,

how much it’s pushed around,

this balloon still tries

to rise towards the sky”.

Keep rising to the light, Frankie Writez and good luck!

On Amazon you can find the paperback version of “Poetry is my Therapy” here and the ebook here.

You can also connect with @FrankieWritez in Twitter or on her blog.


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