Eleanor Snare – 2nd Prize Winner

Poet Eleanor Snare

Eleanor Snare b&w pic

Eleanor Snare is an artist and poet from the UK. Her work focuses on celebration and redemption via everyday objects and experiences. She shares her original 35mm film photography on Instagram, @ebsnare, and you can read more about her work and watch her performances on her website, http://www.eleanorsnare.com.

You can contact Eleanor on Twitter

With her poem “This Word Is not the Right Word” Eleanor won the Second Prize in the First International WeArtFriends Poetry Tournament in 2018.

This Word Is not the Right Word

Your face, half hidden, is a lake at dusk.
I see the iris of our eyes is the same.
We are looking,
And we can see Andromeda –
Her crystal self unfurling
Two point six million years of space,
The sparkling span of her rushing to touch us

You can read the winning poem as well as another 6 of Eleanor’s poems on Amazon.

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