One-way Glass

Monica Vogel

One-way Glass M Voggel
Monica Vogel’s book “One-way Glass” amazed me for many reasons and I could speak for hours introducing the reader to her rich in emotions poetry, but I’ll try to focus on the main merits of her collection.
Reading this young poet’s work, I realized from the first chapter, that this is an exceptional read, written with more wisdom than anyone would imagine considering tender her age. She guides us, out of “the glass cage” of the mind, and the leaders are her sharp intellect and passionate heart.
She passes through the forces of good and evil, love, and hate, life and death, trying to balance her beliefs, trying to remain sane into a threatening world, to protect her soul with one powerful weapon, her words.
Dark imagery and strong language follow the aim to uncover the hypocrisy and greed of our society. “The world is a sin” she claims while yearning for our species, disappointed for the crimes of humanity towards the Earth.
Definitely a statement, made by a poet who doesn’t fear to manifest and demonstrate her beliefs. Definitely, a must-read.
You can find Monica’s book on Amazon.