Anthology of Winning Poems

Anthology of Winning Poems

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Dear Friends,

A little more than a year has passed since the start of the WeArtFriends project but so many things have happened.

Since November 2017 WeArtFriends has released 4 issues of the “Doorway to Art” online magazine.
We worked with, became friends with and featured 27 poets, writers and visual artists in the magazine.
Thanks to our wonderful friend Eden Sleepwalker, we have launched a book cover design service

In February 2018 our first poetry competition was announced – we called it the Poetry Tournament as we believe that poets (as well as all other creative people) compete as noble knights and support each other.

With this Anthology of Winning Poems are happy to announce the results from our first Poetry Tournament:

The winners are:

Kelsi Rose – First Prize with the poem “Sunday Sacrament”
Eleanor Snare – Second Prize with the poem “This Word Is not the Right Word”
Tamara Miles – Third Prize with the poem “How to Stop Your Dog from Howling”

The jury had a lot of discussions before selecting the second and third prize winners in the competition and the poems that did not get a prize are our six runners-up. They are not ranked according to score and all are equally highly valued as all of them were among the short-listed poems.

Congrats to:

Adam Inglis – poem “I Was a Man on Fire”
Christine Owens – poem “For a Cantankerous Old Spider”
Duisenali Alimakhin – poem “I Call the Mornings”
Leila Tualla – poem “Indifference”
Nick Olah – poem “Last Best Chance”
Soulla Christodoulou – poem “Forever Is Too Far”

The Anthology is available on Amazon!
Stay inspired and keep transforming your dreams into art!

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