Book Cover

The benefits of having your book cover made by a professional graphic designer

Book cover design

A great looking cover is the first thing we notice about a book and everybody knows that. What every indie author might not know is how to create a professionally looking cover and why this is so important to the success of a book.

In the past, when traditional publishing was the usual if not the only route for authors to reaching their respective audiences, after writing a book, an author did not have to worry about cover design issues.

When it comes to self-publishing things are quite different. Indie authors have to make a major decision about their book cover design but not all of them hire a professional graphic designer or worse – some choose the DIY way. This is a pity and can really ruin even a great story because we do start judging a book by its cover after all.

Having a computer and the right program may appear as the only essential tools for design, but they are not enough. We risk the result to be amateurish, even if it seems fine to its creator. A graphic designer has the knowledge, the education and the experience that such a project requires in order to design an appealing cover and help a book stand out from the others.

Studies in art history, graphic arts, typography, visual communication, colour theory etc., are the tools of a good professional. Whether it is an e-book or a print format, typography is of major importance because it reveals the genre of the book, even if there is no picture on the cover.

A professional book cover is the #1 reason for an e-book to be visible at a thumbnail size when featured on the shelves of an e-book store. A skilful graphic designer can choose the suitable font and the right size. The next step is typesetting and believe it or not – the composition of the text on a page is very important for its perception.

Images are very important for creating an outstanding book cover. Illustrations, photographs, graphics, and collages give every cover a customized, unique look.

The only thing an author has to do is to choose a professional book cover designer and to trust and rely on them in order to achieve the best results. Every book deserves an individual concept for a stunning cover and every author – a great marketing tool. You deserve your bespoke book cover too.



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